What to Bring to Camp

If your child is accepted into one of our Summer Program sessions, they will need to bring their items in a suitcase or cardboard box. Upon arrival, they will unpack clothes into a provided footlocker and then their suitcase/box will be sent home with parents or guardians. Clothes will be sent back in a plastic bag at the end of their session at camp. We also ask that you label all of their items with the child's initials to avoid mix ups.

If your child needs any special medication, send a full 10-day supply with them in the original prescription bottle and full, detailed instructions regarding the medication. 

Below is a list of items your child should bring with them. Enough clothes should be packed to last 10 days. All other materials will be provided by Englishton Park.

What to Bring

  • Shorts

  • Shirts (T-Shirts are acceptable, the more the better to ensure the child always has clean clothes)

  • Undergarments

  • Socks

  • Blue Jeans (at least 1 pair if possible)

  • Swimsuit

  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, and other personal toiletries

  • Shoes (at least 2 pairs if possible; preferably tennis shoes; no sandals)

  • Sleepwear

  • Sweatshirt/Sweater

  • Baseball cap or some sort of hat

  • Towels and Washcloths (at least 3 of each)

  • 10-day supply of medication (in original prescription bottle and with full instructions)

  • Small container of bug spray (if possible)

What's Provided

  • Footlocker/trunk to store clothes

  • Food

  • Pillowcases, sheets, and blankets (freshly laundered)

  • Laundry materials

  • Spare donated clothes (if needed)

2426 S. English Drive

Lexington, IN 47138

During Summer:   (812) 889-2046

Other Times:           (812) 889-2681