Information for Parents


Safety measures are taken very seriously at Englishton Park. Whether for our staff members or our campers, ensuring their safety is the number one priority. 


Especially during these trying times, we have taken numerous measures based on guidance from state officials, the CDC, and the American Camping Association. Review our detailed plan here: COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

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Our Summer Children's Program's goal is to improve a child's behavior and classroom performance. This is largely achieved through research on positive reinforcement and educating our teacher/tutor therapists on the best practices of working with children. Each child is also examined so that they receive one-on-one tutoring in areas they struggle with the most in school.


Dr. Harve E. Rawson began the Summer Children's Program in 1969 after studying the psychology of behavior and academic success of children. In general, three types of learning are focused on during camp: individual learning, cooperative learning, and competitive learning. Activities are based around these three areas in an effort to grow enthusiasm around classroom learning. Numerous results and studies have been collected to show the strengths and weaknesses of the Summer Camp and they have shown the activities at Englishton Park's Summer Children's Program to be effective.  

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Lexington, IN 47138

During Summer:   (812) 889-2046

Other Times:           (812) 889-2681