Safety and Health

Campers are supervised during their stay by trained camp staff members, including the Camp Directors (elementary, middle school, and college level teachers), Teacher/Tutor Therapists (college-aged elementary or psychology majors), and a Tutoring Supervisor who oversees educational instruction.


Our cooks prepare healthy meals everyday. If a child requires any type of special medication, we ask parents to send enough for ten days worth of camp with full detailed instruction regarding the medication. Medication must be in the original prescription bottle and will be handled by only your child and a registered nurse on the campgrounds. 


We are taking special precautions to keep campers and staff safe during the global pandemic.  Review our detailed plan here: COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

2426 S. English Drive

Lexington, IN 47138

During Summer:   (812) 889-2046

Other Times:           (812) 889-2681