Camp Overview

Englishton Park's Summer Children's Program has over 50 years experience of supporting children in need. Intensive research has been conducted on the best practices for achieving the most improvement possible during a child's time at camp.


The purpose of the camp is to improve each child's academic skills, change their attitudes toward learning, modify behavior that would interfere with in-classroom learning, and give the child successful experience in school-type activities.

Camp Goals

  1. Improve academic skills

  2. Change attitudes toward learning

  3. Modify behavior interfering with learning in the classroom

  4. Experience success in school-type activities

Children are selected through referral agencies that are currently working with them. Once selected, records and written material from the agency and parents are collected and examined. This information is used to create an individual plan specific to each child based on previous behavior and academic tendencies. 

Once camp begins, campers are separated into four "tribes," each of which is supervised by three adults (two teacher-therapists and a tutor-therapist). Englishton Park offers a three-to-one camper to therapist ratio. The teacher-therapists and tutor-therapists go through extensive training that teaches them how to interact with children and the best practices to give each child positive results in behavior and academic areas. 


At the end of a camper's session, written observations and recommendations are given to parents (or guardians), school teacher(s), and referral agency case workers. Parents or agency representatives are also interviewed upon conclusion of the program regarding at home remediation programs coupled with behavior/academic goals.

Camp Staff

  • Program Co-Directors

    • middle school teacher and elementary school counselor

  • Resident Director

    • typically an elementary school educator

  • Tutoring Supervisor

    • typically an elementary school educator​

  • Teacher-Therapists and Tutor-Therapists (camp counselors)

    • typically college-aged education and psychology majors

  • Other Staff

    • Secretary, Food Service Director and Cooks, and Maintenance Personnel​

2426 S. English Drive

Lexington, IN 47138

During Summer:   (812) 889-2046

Other Times:           (812) 889-2681