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in the 1800’s, this was the summer retreat and hunting area for the English family. The English family actually lived most of the year in Indianapolis, where they owned a large hotel and the Opera House near the Indiana State House.  They were prominent politicians, as you might know from reading their bios.  In some of the photos you might have noticed a stone wall.  The English Family had a low wall (about 4-5 feet high) built around the main portion of their property in 1870-1880.  It is a local historic landmark. 

The Barn on the property, now serves as a dormitory space.  There are three separate dormitory rooms with attached baths in the 114 year old Barn.  The Bathrooms seem almost luxurious, with cultured marble showers.  There is also a commercial grade kitchen, where everyone eats three hot meals a day during the camp season.  So the Barn is much more than a Barn!


Rent Englishton Park

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